Debian HVM through sys-whonix

How can i route all Debian (HVM) traffic through whonix? I tried many configurations and none of them worked. Using Debian HVM cause i can’t do some specific tasks with Seamless GUI from the official template.

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Are you able to get networking working with sys-firewall? If not, start there.


Qubes-Whonix source code has no mentions of the textual string HVM. It does not “understand” what HVM is. But that is not an issue. The same is true for PVH. These are mentioned in Qubes source code only.

Therefore I don’t see how Qubes-Whonix source code could be at fault and conclude that this very most likely is a Qubes issue which I won’t be able to help with.

Therefore seems off-topic as per What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not.. I suggest to redirect this at Qubes and link to my reply here.


I just tried with sys-firewall and i can’t get connection too. It is a Qubes issue. I though that was not cause my windows HVM qube works flawlessly with sys-whonix. I will redirect this to qubes forum, thanks u all!

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