Debian 9, Tor Browser 7.5a5 etc

Greetings (long time no hear),

A few things:

  • Anyone running Debian 9 for sys-net, sys-firewall? Any reason not to in Qubes-Whonix now Deb 9 is stable status?
  • Any reason not to run Tor Browser 7.5a5 in Whonix/Qubes-Whonix? Tested it, with Firejail, and it seems to be working fine (although first run says “not connected to Tor”). The reason is you benefit from content level sandboxing not present in the 7.0.6 series.
  • I see disposableVMs for running Tor Browser are now not recommended until Qubes 4.0 due to privacy concerns - a big pity.
  • Wonder how anyone is going with Whonix 14 testers version and getting the official linux sandbox for Tor running? Still getting that /proc error?
  • I know there has to be a good reason Whonix is currently running an unrecommended version of Tor right now… :wink: But, hopefully we will get the series (0.3.1) that provides network padding in Whonix 14. Interested in your thoughts on how effective this will be too.

Anyhow, some good work going on around here. Keep it up.


I’ve missed a few things. Is this in reference to ⚓ T695 Whonix running as Qubes DispVM uses saved clock or something more?

Hi entr0py,

Good to see you around too! Yes, that is what I was referring to. Patrick thinks it is a privacy risk given certain values are not changing in the DispVM (like the clock - a tracking variable over time), so it is dangerous to use.

BTW lots of documentation still waiting for a good editor like yourself to raise the bar and weave your magic… :wink:

I’ve had that happen before. I just start my DispVMs now with Konsole and check date before using. Haven’t nailed down what triggers the error but it’s infrequent enough.

I see you’ve added quite a bit! I need to get (re)educated… Haven’t been able to test 4.0rc / whonix 14 yet.