Deanonymizing Monero

Hello to the Whonix Community.
Let’s discuss getting the best Monero’s anonimity.
There are attack vectors against Monero’s anonymity. Monero has been attacked in the real world, and the U.S. Homeland Security gave a $3 million contract to a blockchain analysis company Ciphertrace for Monero tracking tools they made.

/r/Monero bans critics who show ways of tracing Monero transactions, and its users believe LEA tools to trace Monero are fake. Most responses in /r/Monero anonymity threads are “you can’t see addresses in online block explorer so it’s safe” and “it’s good enough”.

Monero developers acknowledge potentially deadly anonymity issues with their protocol in the Breaking Monero video series but deny their practical threat.

/r/Monero users say sending xmr between multiple wallets makes it more anonymous. But there are articles that doing it can hurt our anonymity. And Monero users don’t agree how much to do it.

For example a previous method of churning is now considered unsafe but /r/Monero doesn’t discuss it

There is a current attack against churning in the articles below.

Not the developers or the community give a guide how to churn and use Monero for best anonymity.

/r/Monero is like religious thinks the crypto is perfect.

These are more attacks but there are even more threads about Monero issues

With these vulnerabilities how do we churn and use Monero for best anonymity?

lol, if you belive cyphertrace claims you are beyond helpless. They only proved a very lateral vulnerability which could decrease anonimity, not violate it. And after the hard fork these are even more remote to real world usage. You cite years old sources with no real usage yet, how the fuck is that proof?
There are still open bounties for people able to violate monero anonimity, the homeland security is just a research contract, nothing else.
tldr: use local node or use tor if you are you use a remote node, and if you want to go up a notch, tinfoil hat level, wait at least 20 confirmations to initiate a new transaction instead of 10.

the problem with monero is that the inner workings are not clear only to few people, you hear monero is private and just think its magic behind scenes