Data transfer between the Gateway and the Workstation via Wi-Fi

How is it possible to implement this?
In fact, the gateway turns into an onion-router

What’s the point? Why do you need to transfer data - i guess you mean files (?) - from/to gateway and workstation? Seems you’re using Whonix wrong. Not supposed to do that.

See basics for what gateway and workstation are supposed to be used for:

Or do you mean a Whonix-Workstation on one computer and a Whonix-Gateway on another computer? The closest similar thing would be this:

Otherwise gateway to workstation via WiFi is unsupported.

Not. Perhaps I put it wrong.
There are several ways to use the gateway and station:

  1. Virtual machine. Gateway and station on the same host. Everything is clear here.
  2. Gateway and Workstation are on different hosts but in a virtual machine. Here, in general, is also clear.
  3. Gateway is on a physical PC (bare metal), and any other client (Workstation and not).

I am interested in model number 3.

Traffic between the gateway and the station can be transmitted through a router (cable) or via Wi-Fi.
However, the Wi-Fi channel can be through a router or there can be an access point in the gateway.

I am interested in the latter. Access point in the gateway.

Data transfer between the Gateway and the Workstation via Wi-Fi

Very bad idea. An untrusted WS with access to a wifi card can easily enumerate your location using neighboring accesspoint info and other publicly obtainable characteristics. Google’s mapping vehicles also compile info about access points also any android device automatically snitches about a WIfi hotspot’s properties including it’s passcode. This is data about other people that can be used to triangulate you and you have no control over it.

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