Cyber Mafia Attacks Fedora Host, Intel VT

The cyber mafia attacked the host! Virtual Box won’t even start when uninstalled and then reinstalled. Virtual Box on a cloned disk won’t start either and it was cloned when Virtual Box was working so that means there must be a way to attack something underlying disks. Intel VT attacks? Coreboot attacks? They even removed the .ova from files, but luckily I have another elsewhere. Can anyone tell what they did from the error messages?

Welcome to VirtualBox. Happened thousands of people as evidence all over the internet.

VirtualBox has many issues because the VirtualBox kernel module isn’t integrated into the Linux kernel.

No evidence was presented for this. No offense, but frankly you nearly don’t have sufficient skills to perform a malware analysis. Please don’t jump to conclusions.

None of this.

Not going to happen.

You don’t provide nearly enough information to help.

One of the longest wiki pages is in troubleshooting VirtualBox.

At the miniscule chance you actually gonna do please read the hacker manual on asking smart questions.*/

Otherwise your questions will either get no helpful answers because you get misunderstood, trolling answers or no answers at all.

They do exist.

“NS Error Failure” is a specific message which you are not smart enough to provide a reason about why it occurred. Don’t call a questioner stupid if you can’t even provide an answer besides ad hominem slime flings. You wouldn’t admit the existence of a hacker if she axed you in the face.

You have no explanation; you are stupid. I have unanswered questions; I am smart.

If you’re so smart why can’t you find the solution on the internet without depending on random people on the internet holding your hand all the way?

A smart person would search the internet for NS_ERROR_FAILURE 0x80004005, find similar people having the same issue and apply the same solution. Done.

A very smart person would take advantage of the VirtualBox source code and figure it out based on it.

Absence of that you’re not smart only have to learn a lot.

Also the link to the wiki in my previous answer already contains several mentions of 0x80004005. Care to take a look?

If you would have had a look which you clearly didn’t then you would have noticed using the browser internal search looking for 0x80004005 that it’s already mentioned in the wiki.

Do you need me to copy and paste it here or can you at least manage to accomplish that yourself?