Custom .onion on Whonix: Eschalot, Scallion?

Sory if this has been asked before but cannot find so.

What is best way to make custom hidden service URL when using the excellent Whonix?

I am going to follow these directions:

But I want to use a custom URL, at least part of the URL the first 4 or 8 digits. I found a tar of Eschalot v1.2.

This SE question got a good response:

So I look for Eschalot and it’s hidden service is down:

But someone posted it’s tar on BitCoin forum (v1.2):

So I downloaded and scanned with VirusTotal which came up clean. Not that that means anything maybe someone here can review the code?:

And there’s Scallon:

you might get more (and better?) answers if you ask in the more general Tor support places, such as on the tor-talk mailing list, which is linked on Whonix’s support page:

Any answer they give for general Linux/Debian should work on Whonix as well as per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System.

Maybe someone else has a better answer. I’ll also notify fortasse ( webmaster), the person who created’s .onion.

Great thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to try using it, I’ll update later if it works okay.

And thanks for Whonix!!! :slight_smile:

I used Scallion. Depending on the speed of your computer and the complexity of the .onion you want, it could be infeasible to create (taking years. You could get lucky, but highly improbable). I have a pretty nice graphics card and a relatively loose constraint (repeating characters)which sped up the process quite a bit, so good luck!

Its off topic but I’ll chip in. With 16 characters, you are just only getting 80 bit strong RSA keys as your HS name which is suspeced not to be good enough at this time. Using Scallion to insert easier words to remember in the address will only further weaken that margin and make spoofing your Hidden Service name well within the ability of those with serious computing power: NSA.