Cursor problems

Hello everyone!
I am facing a problem due to my inexperience with Whonix on Qemu KVM hypervisor. Please help, I will be extremely grateful.
The problem is as follows:
For a long time for no reason cursors highlighted everything on the desktop. The problem was solved after rebooting the device. I decided to try to fix it in the settings (mouse) and foolishly disabled the slider. Now I cannot influence the Workstation screen in any way. The screen became like a picture. It is impossible to access applications and files, only to move the cursor on the desktop.
I tried to find a way out in the virtual machine settings, but without success.
Who can help - please write below.

A) Platform-specific Desktop Tips chapter Default Home Folder Configuration Files Reset in Whonix wiki, or

B) Kicksecure ™ Factory Reset (Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)