Cursor and keybroad tracking/ GUI

Since kloak doesn’t really work on qubes-whinox, what an effective battle tested defense against key-broad and cursor tracking on qubes/whinox?

Any pointers or recommendations?

In terms of gui which gui is better for anonymity and security in qubes-whinox. Wayland or x11. I know x11 has been improve, they fixed the isolation issue but I find that wayland is the favorite over the two, I just would like you guys input on this.

Doesn’t exist most likely unfortunately.
We can document all the shortcomings but it’s unlikely we’ll ever be able to fix them.

Most likely unrealistic but the only thing: Contribute, pay someone to do (under the usual Freedom Software licensing) it or learn programming and develop it.

1 issue/question/topic = 1 forum thread please.
Also there’s been existing discussions on that here. Also:

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So even though kloak works in whonix alone, you don’t think it’s possible to ever be implemented in qubes-whonix?

There’s been no progress towards it. Therefore my hope is very low. Happy to be proven wrong.

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