current state of whonix live

i want to know the current state of development for whonix live, if there is any and how can i help with it

Yes, check out Make Kicksecure ISO building functional (easier). Or go straight to Whonix ISO building. Send git branches or pull requests. Once that’s working, support for both, BIOS and EFI booting would be nice.

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i am little confused here, is derivative-maker made to create custom whonix/kicksecure iso/ova? if so how to ? i mean looking at wiki and repo there are no example of how to compile and how to set options.
im bit confused and little help would be appreciated


The ISO build feature is incomplete, not well enough tested at time of writing.

If you want to help with it, you need to be a developer:

i am already a developer just not never had a reason to craft a custom iso/ova especially like whonix which requires some special tweaks to prevent leaks

thanks, i will play around with this

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