CUPS --> No access to user interface.

Greetings to you all,

I have created an extra VM just to print and scan in it.
I use an older Epson multifunction device for this. So far so good. The scanning I have managed without problems.This works in this special Whonix-VM without any problems. But now to the printing. Unfortunately this does not work yet. I would like to use cups for printing for several reasons. I was able to install cups successfully. But I can’t get access to the cups user interface via . The access to it seems to be blocked in the VM or in the torbrowser. Unfortunately I don’t know how to proceed to get access to the cups user interface. Or how I could use the printer successfully in the VM.
Can someone help me with this please? That would be very nice!

best regards!

Tor Browser Local Connections

thank you for the answer!
I already had the idea myself. that was the first thing I wanted to do. However, exactly these settings are hidden in the Tor Browser in the Whonix VM! not findable! There are for some reason nowhere the settings for proxies, as it is normally usual. For this reason I actually started the post here in the first place. what can I do?

If you can’t fix it and it’s just a local web interface and nothing else, consider using Firefox for that only.