Creation of new circuits in Tor

When I use Whonix I have a good amount of questions, but difficulty the answers :smiley:

I sometimes use a VPN over Tor and I see that the circuits are often the same .
I saw the confguration file and new circuits are build every 10 minutes, but in the active connection, or the continous stream onto specific circuit, how Tor manage this stream ?
I mean whether Tor create a new circuit for this stream or a new stream for new eventual connections .
I’m worried whether the circuit of the current stream remains the same .
I use a VPN over Tor because all sites ban Tor exit nodes, will be there the change of the circuit to the VPN ?
For this setup I use Tor Browser Bundle unless Tor and I don’t use a Firewall because I didn’t resolve my firewall problems, I can implement the Workstation Firewall but I noticed is a plus not usefull for me, the VPN runs correctly unless Firewall or with Workstation-Firewall and there aren’t leaks on web traffic, the awesome usefull thing (fail closed mechanism) there isn’t :frowning: . I understood the problem of usability in this situation and I haven’t the solution for now .

In other cases, so in normal user of Tor Browser Bundle, how Whonix-Gateway or Tor in general manage the current connections/streams ? If I download a 4Gb of data over Tor unless VPN, the circuit change each 10 minutes or it would be the same at the end of the size of the file ?

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is explained here in detail: How can we help? | Tor Project | Support

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Tor exit relays do not change for long running still active connections.
Such as IRC. Changing the circuit (changing the exit) would result in
the connection breaking down. Usually does not happen unless some severs
go offline.

“VPN over Tor” is ambiguous language. Generating confusion. Please use
the exact same terminology as
Combining Tunnels with Tor if you care about
getting less discussion about terms and more about contents. And no
answers about situations that don’t apply to what you are actually doing.

Generally it’s difficult to decipher your questions.

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Yes, sorry but I’m not english and I think this is the problem .
However I meant this situation : User -> Tor -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Internet, I copied from this website guide .
Oh, you updated the guides, now I understood all my doubts, very compliments for the clarity, thanks also to Ego for the link, I should study the FAQ before :smiley: .

You can delete this thread of you want :slight_smile: .

can you tell me where is the configuration file of new circuits in tor?
as you know,in tor browser we can see the three hop of tor through New Tor Circuit for this Site feature.
However,if i just install tor in a linux operating system,how can i know the three hop of tor or where is the IP information ?

Please have a look:

Configuration options are the same as:
How can we help? | Tor Project | Support

arm can do, see: