cpfp.py polishing


ID: 223
PHID: PHID-TASK-prvlisjb6zh7hemv5tee
Author: troubadour
Status at Migration Time: resolved
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


A bunch of commits in control-port-filter-python, mostly cleaning up and comments.

Two commits for corrections to some of the errors reported by pylint and pep8.

pylint global evalution is 9.79/10, with the following errors disabled.

File pylint.rc

# C0103: Invalid name 
# (cpfp parameters are UPPERCASE -> inconsitency with variable names)
# C0111: Missing docstring (to be added)
# C0301: Line too long
# E1101: %s %r has no %r member 
# (gevent.socket has no 'AF_UNIX', 'SOCK_STREAM' members, according to pylint)
# E1103: %s %r has no %r member (but some types could not be inferred)
# (socket fileobject has no 'readline', 'write', 'flush' members, according to pylint)
# (from doc) False positives: This message may report object members that are created dynamically, but exist at the time they are accessed.
disable=C0103,C0111,C0301,E1101, E1103```
To test:
```pylint --rcfile /pathto/pylint.rc /usr/lib/control-port-filter-python/cpfp.py```
`pep8` reports a few `line too long`.

## Comments

#### Patrick
2015-03-08 16:25:49 UTC

Looks all good. Merged.