couple of Questions

Dear @Patrick and Team congragulations on keeping whonix alive from long …
I have few questions :-
VirtualBox GUI whonix

Can i mount virtual disk of whonix 13 to latest version for data copying ?

The default repo sources comes with latest whonix (/etc/apt) has all enabled sources for security updates and instalation of new debian packages like firefox-esr , Filezila etc with APT ?

This is very interesting! I’d be interested to have instructions for this in the wiki. Both is interesting, physical isolation and even more so how to do that with a VM gateway (i.e. adding a device to it which then get torified).

It may or may not be safer to add a WiFi device to a Whonix-Workstation. Haven’t thought this through yet.

Anonymize Other Operating Systems applies.

Also a Firefox or any browser previously used non-anonymously is tainted with cookies.

When connecting devices such as Windows and Android, these have IDs which are like cookies.

TransparentProxyLeaks · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab applies.

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