Could not find out latest Tor Browser version in Whonix 8!

I got the torbutton blinking for upgrade today but can’t upgrade it, got thsi
Could not find out latest Tor Browser version! Excessive version string length. (7 characters)
Either has been compromised or this is a Whonix bug.

Possible reasons:

  • The download server is down.
  • Whonix’s Tor Browser Updater has been broken due to upstream changes.


i’m with whonix 8.x

should be worried about this?

Edit by Patrick:
Changed title.

No need to be worried.

They changed the location of the version check url:

In Whonix 8 your only option is this:

But since Whonix 8 support will end soon, it’s best to update to Whonix 9.