[contributors needed] python help

has been started by @troubadour. Screenshots and references:

Unfortunately, anon-connection-wizard is unfinished, not ready for Whonix 13, and @troubadour is now missing in action.

Control Port Filter Python task:
To support onionshare, ricochet and others in Whonix,
support for Tor control protocol events (setevent) by Control Port
Filter Proxy
is required.

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If you get the chance and are still interested, please help us complete the control-port filter features. It will finally bring to Whonix some really cool Tor based programs like Ricochet IM and Onionshare.

I will take a look at it, once i get some spare time.
Don’t know when though…

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Thanks. Much progress has been made meanwhile in https://phabricator.whonix.org/T448

If you get a chance please look at this instead:

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