Connecting to Tor before a VPN (User → Tor → VPN → Internet) Issue

the workstation “tor before vpn tunnel” instructions might need some updating.

i was running through it today to try and run some various tests. i ran into a couple roadblocks.

  1. as soon as the whonix firewall is reloaded in the workstation, network connectivity comes to a halt. nothing from that step forward requiring a network connection worked until i removed the rules and reloaded the firewall.

  2. connecting to a vpn from the command line without tweaking the firewall works fine. i could connect to check.torpoject.org and get the warning message that i was not connected to the tor network. however, anything that required the udp protocol was still blocked.

i was attempting to play with some voip server that requires udp. i’m assuming point 2 above has to do with the general firewall settings. since some vpn users may be using one strictly to enable udp over tor, this might be worth addressing in the documentation. i haven’t narrowed down a fix because i didn’t start playing with the firewall rules too much.

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