connecting a windows vm to whonix-gateway through proxy


I would like to redirect some browsing experience through my whonix gateway.
I don’t quite understand the different topic in help and in the forum which have been open and “before tor”, “after tor” and the transparent proxy.
So if I understood the proxy topic well, there is a proxy integrated in the tor “server” of the whonix gateway?
How would I activate the access to this proxy, to have the browser redirected to the whonix gateway?

I’m used to the split dns and to redirect the browser traffic to my vpn.
I imagine I could connect to the tor instance from whonix gateway through a port, but should I activate something in the tor configuration? Have I to open a rule in the firewall from whonix gateway?

If someone could clarify some points, that would be nice because it’s really dark for me …

This is all you need:

maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
I’ve done that, but that’s just to add and to connect the network card to the internal network that creates whonix gateway.
But as I pointed, I want to able to use it like I do with split tunneling vpn. So not redirecting the whole traffic and certainly not making this my primary connection.
So for my split tunneling vpn installation I have my openvpn connection and the vpn provider has a proxy server to make the traffic you decide redirected through the vpn through sock5 or other proxy … So how is that possible with whonix gateway? And it’s not on the page you linked but thanks for that that’s how I got the network set up.

is it this to add to the configuration file to activate the proxy?

Well, if you don’t want all traffic through Tor, then that’s besides the point of Whonix. In that case it would be unsupported.

Why not use Multiple Whonix-Workstations? Why mix it into one? Some could be configured to always go user → Tor → destination, others to be user → Tor → VPN or proxy whatever you envision.

You want at the same time:

a) user → Tor → destination
b) user → VPN → destination OR
c) user → proxy → destination

from within the same VM?

Whonix-Gateway is a Tor proxy, i.e. it routes all traffic over Tor. Traffic from VMs connected to Whonix-Gateway can either talk to a Tor TransPort, DnsPort or SocksPort.

No other proxy involved.

What is split DNS?

Well, for example Mozilla Thunderbird with TorBirdy connects to Whonix-Gateway IP on port 9102 where a Tor SocksPort is open. Not sure if that is what you meant. More on IPs and ports:

Very very few use cases for that. Use with care.

Usually not required. Enough pre-configured Tor ports. ( Stream Isolation )


That is explained here:

“before tor”, “after tor” are ambiguous terminology. Better use style like
User -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Tor -> destination

for the explanation of split tunneling.

and yes I think that’s what I meant with your example with thunderbird. I will try and tell you.

I know this is not the go-to system of doing things but it’s practical when you don’t have enough RAM to run multiple instance. or just a specific tab you want or website run through tor in place of using tor browser or brave

yes, so diverting browsing traffic through 9150 sock5 works perfectly. thanks