Confusion about Whonix on USB

I was browsing the Wiki when I stumbled upon the article " Installation of Whonix on a USB". (I can’t post the link because spamfilters)

Further down below in the article it says “Install it on a USB”. But what do I install? What file? There is no download, nothing.

  1. Select a suitable host operating system (Debian or Kicksecure.)
  2. Install Debian on Kicksecure on USB.
  3. Install VirtualBox.
  4. Finally install Whonix.
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I am still confused. We are talking about installing the operating system “Whonix” on a USB drive here right? Sort of like one would do with Tails OS.

Only this “indirect” way is available.

Just follow the instructions step by step. Documentation is complete.

No. No “direct” way availalbe. As said in the wiki:

At this time, Whonix does not provide a USB creator / image.

I think I understand now. I got the sentence “Yes, Whonix can be used on a USB” that was on the Wiki confused with “Yes, you can boot Whonix off of a USB like Tails”

Thank you for clarifying.