Computer buying advice.

I’ve been looking for a new computer. Should I avoid a computer with Intel ME or PSP even if I’m using a Whonix?

You should avoid Intel processors because they are a pile of shit and have more security vulns than anything else.

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Then AMD is the only choice.
Should I avoid the PSP at all costs and go for the old model?
If I use Whonix, I don’t have to worry about PSP as much?

There is not much on that subject in Whonix wiki.

Whonix can’t do anything to confine hardware / make anything to make untrustworthy/insecure hardware more trustworthy/secure.


No because it is not connected to the network. After bugs like spectre have been discovered it is always a good idea to have the most recent hardware because it’s more likely to be fixed and have vendor support in case anything like that comes up in the future.

In summary, avoid Intel processors because they are full of vulnerabilities. Whonix can’t do anything with untrusted hardware, but PSP doesn’t have an internet connection so don’t worry.
Choose the latest hardware to fix bugs and get vendor support.
In other words, the latest AMD is the best.

I have made a topic regarding that:

Best would be buying Talos|| full or minimal:


  • Power9 CPU which is an open source CPU (sorta)
  • OpenBMC no ME or PSP
  • no nonfree firmware/blobs or DRM


  • No laptops only Desktop/Workstation
  • Incompatible with Xen/Qubes
  • Unknown GPU compatibility/performance (i didnt research that but you can do it if you want GPU)

Other CPUs like Intel or ARM or AMD they are into controversial state which one is more shittier than the other but all of them shit (intel on the top of the list).

If you want to buy a laptop well there are many here for e.g certified PCs with Qubes: (all of them either Intel or AMD)


… and many others

These options use open source BIOS called corebot (not fully free software) better than the full proprietary BIOSs you see in the markets.

if you want cheap old with free software BIOS called libreboot check certified from FSF here is the list:


Note: No blobs included thats mean no updates for microcode

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When laptops are lined up in this way, I find that I don’t have an attractive laptop that I want.
I heard Talos || and Power9 CPU for the first time.
Does this work with Linux or Whonix?
It’s very expensive and I’ve never seen anyone using it, so I’m worried.

yes it work with Debian + Whonix-KVM , or later Whonix-Host(when its
ready) + Whonix-KVM and/or any GNU/Linux distro you like. Also search
for it on invidio.us (youtube) i have seen videos explaining it.


That’s good, maybe I’ll get a Talos2. I’m still not sure which a model of Talos to choose though.
I didn’t know there was a Whonix-Host. When do you plan to release it?

you can built one this is the lite one for e.g:


or you can build it yourself


or any other model you like

Trick: change /purchase.html to /intro.html for any model and it will
show you the page where you can build the pc according to your preferences.

for Whonix-Host there is a search button at the top right side of the
forum you can search for “Whonix Host” you will see many articles related.

@USO just to make sure 100% the scenario of whonix will work with you according to raptorcs wiki without any issues or trivial ones its better to test power9 with cloud based on it:


request quota to do your testing.

Why i said this? because none of our team officially tested this and i dont want you to waste money then you find out its not working properly.

It should work properly but i cant make sure of that so its a maybe until more users or reports or so saying its working fine.

I see. I will wait a little longer and be sure that it will be ok before I buy it.
Thank you for all the information.

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