Complete instructions for setting up whonix with physical isolation?

Hi, I asked a question about this on the Tor Stack Exchange. Iā€™m repeating the question here. If you have an answer, you should post it there to get the karma. :slight_smile:

I'm giving a talk this evening at my local Linux User Group on whonix, and it would be great to be able to describe how to set up physical isolation between the Gateway and Workstation. The [url=]wiki page[/url] on physical isolation only contains the text for about one third of the items promised in the table of contents, and peters out right at the most interesting part, [url=]network configuration[/url]. Is there any better documentation anywhere?

You got the right page and everything that is promised in the table of contents really is documented on that page.

There was a problem with the markup of that page.

Now fixed:

Alternative pritable version:

Thanks, Patrick. BTW, people at the talk liked Whonix.

Glad to hear! Thank you for your efforts!