Community Poll. Formating syle for Kicksecure Documentation

Hardened Debian is a new project under active development by the Whonix devs/community. It is also a very popular Google Season of Docs project for many of the tech writers that are interested in collaborating with Whonix. Sicne this project writes the documentation from the ground up, it presents the perfect opportunity to try out new formatting styles.

This project will focus on a simple formatting style that is easy to read and navigate. I’ve selected a few projects that structure their docs a little differently than Whonix. For example; Tails OS uses a very simple book like formatting structure. Please take a look at each selection and browse through their documentation a bit. Make a single selection based on which style you would like used for the Hardened Debian project. The results will be made public when the poll closes on the 30th.

If you have an example of a project that does a great job of formatting their docs, please add a link when you comment. And keep in mind this poll is about formatting style. Not how well written the projects documentation is.


These two are for comparison only. Not having any strong opinions about either.

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This one very nice as well