Communication between VM's in Whonix Internal Network


Since it is not really recommended to use a shared clipboard between torified VMs and non-torified Host, i would like to implement an alternative that allows at least “text sharing” between the VMs. To achieve that I have installed Etherpad on a debian VM which is connected to the internal whonix network (and thus whonix gateway).

If this etherpad/debian VM would be in a NAT network, I would expect that I could ping normally all other VMs in that virtual local network. In case of whonix gateway, it doesnt seem to be possible to ping other VMs that are using Whonix Gateway.

Is there a secure way to solve this?

solved this now differently. I just have added an additional internal network, which is only used by the “torified” workstation VM’s. So I guess the only con of this setting is that an infected torified machine could communicate with other machines in that internal network. Did I miss any other con?