Comments on new forum look

Since the official language of Whonix and this discussion forum is English there is no point of making multiple selections IMO. Changing the language changes only part of the inferface anyway (General Discussion, Website Bugs, Offtopic stay).

For the same reason I recommend getting rid of German text in Whonix workstation welcome screen. You state that understanding of English is required.

You might want to update the GitHub Whonix and adrelanos with the new logo.

You can also remove the “Personal Message” tab below since they are disabled and then the page would fit nicely on the screen, no scrolling. In my case.

Other than that, I like it.

This is a work in progress. Also the links can be changed, better sorted. Just did it in a rush.

We can soon make a German sub forum. Perhaps a Russian as well.

The purpose of the German text in whonixsetup is to make it as hard as possible for lawyers who try their best misunderstanding things in order to make a living from suing people by exploiting legal loopholes.

I change the github logo at some point. It’s a bit weird. It requires a gravatar e-mail address, which would require a separate account. I change my personal logo at some point when I get an acceptable picture of myself.

I don’t know how to remove the personal messages tab. Maybe you can find a mod for it?

Or perhaps you find any other useful mods.

I am also open for wordpress plugins and mediawiki extensions.