Collaboration with Subgraph?

In a recent tweet, Jacob Appelbaum commends a project known as SubgraphOS. https://twitter.com/ioerror/status/472757244350980096

It is similar to the idea of Whonix except that it uses the inferior isolation of LXC containers to protect against local exploitation of vulnerable programs.

Patrick, I was thinking that if you can get into a dialogue with the, convincing them to collaborate on Whonix then it would be a neat idea since the goals of both projects are the same.


What would I say to them? Wanna hire me? Convincing anyone never worked for me.

Good marketing. No downloads, no source code, no mailing list, no forum. No good base for collaboration.

Why not rather Qubes OS? They’re Xen based, full source code, have a working product, responsive mailing list and developers.

Patrick, you’re too much ;D Maybe they’ll hire me…! To serve coffee.

It doesn’t look like they can be convinced. It looks like they got big plans of their own. You can shoot them a tweet, though, and ask them why they are doing containers instead of something like Whonix or Qubes. Or even better, join us. My suspicion is that they’re going to some sort of paid layer on top.

Lovely graphics but as seen with Qubes OS, these things take time. When we’ll be seeing concrete code the existance of shared goals might, or not, become more visible.

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