Cold wallet monero

This is my first time with linux so please help me. I want to install cold wallet monero on whonix.

  1. Where to download?
  2. How to install?

Unspecific to Whonix.

Needs to be resolved as per:

I wrote that linux is black magic for me, I thought that I would get specific answers and not a link because I already tried to search on the internet and found nothing. In the links you gave me there is no information anywhere to download and how to install monero cold wallet… I also don’t understand any of it, could you describe it in your own words?

This is Whonix support.

This is not Monero support.

Much better to ask in Monero forum or reddit.

the point is that whonix is a specific system and I thought someone here could help me and give me a little hint. same on the monero forum there is no section for help, there are only submitting new ideas

Apparently nobody around here has the time / skills to do that. Hence, application specific questions that are unspecific to Whonix are redirected elsewhere where the probability of answers is higher.

Monero community is big and active.

There’s a discord, there’s an IRC chat. (Which I didn’t personally check yet.) Also other forums which discuss Monero.


I want to install cold wallet monero on Debian.

Because the process will be smilar if not totally the same as if using Debian because Whonix is based on Kicksecure which is based on Debian.

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