Cloning old gateway, but password is different?

I’d full cloned whonix gateway & workstation in virtualbox (with new MAC address) for onionshare. After creating 2 new internal networks for the clones however, when adding sudo onion-grater-add 40_onionshare into gateway’s terminal, it said input password, but oddly enough, it is neither my changed password from the original gateway, and “changeme”. Plus, when inputting the password in the terminal, it show ***** instead of not appear in screen, which it shouldn’t.

How do I see my current clone sudo password? And if that wasn’t the main issue, then what is?

If you cloned the gateway that was modified, it is going to use that password. If that is not working, Idk, I don’t use virtualbox.

About the ****, it is just hiding the password, characters are being received by the program and it is printing to you ****.

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Keyboard layout issue?

See Post-installation Security Advice chapter Change Password in Kicksecure wiki. (Whonix is based on Kicksecure.) Quote:

1. To avoid possible issues, review the Change Keyboard Layout and Test Keyboard Layout entries before proceeding further.

For password change in recovery mode, if needed:
Recovery - Kicksecure chapter Recovery Mode in Kicksecure wiki

I don’t think there is an issue with my keyboard. System default was disable. Keyboard model is Generic 105-key PC (intl.). Keyboard layout is English (US). Testing keyboard layout is correct. My actual physical keyboard is US based too.

As for the password issue. I think I will clone a brand new whonix before any post-installation security advice.

After reinstall whonix, and successfully change the default “changeme” to a new one, created using a password generator, but the same incorrect password issue after reopen the terminal later. Is there some limit when copy paste (shift+ctrl+v) it into the terminal, like using !@#$%^&*, or length?

Unknown. Terminals might be incompatible with unicode / binary.

Test with / copy into a text editor first.

I did test it with the mousepad, but soon discover something dumber. I decided to reinstall fresh whonix again, and change the password to just 1, and it fail again after starting a new terminal. The change password only command is sudo passwd right? It even said it was successful.

Quote Post-installation Security Advice chapter Change Password in Kicksecure wiki:

sudo passwd user

(Sigh) I miss something obvious. Thank for the help Patrick. Last question, if I update & upgrade whonix, do I need to do it manually to both workstation & gateway?

1 topic = 1 forum thread please.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)