Clock setting in host

My Qubes clock is set to UTC and not to my city that is different. Is it good?
From when I installed Qubes I never change it

Did you try to enter whonix utc into a search engine?

From the wiki:

Additionally Whonix’s Protocol-Leak-Protection and Fingerprinting-Protection mitigates many possible fingerprinting attacks by using common, non-identifying defaults. (username set to user; timezone set to UTC; etc.)

I read somewhere that it shouldn’t be changed for that reason i.e. fingerprinting risk.

Post-installation Security Advice

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I mean the host clock not whonix is set to UTC, I know the whonix clock has set to UTC and it shouldn’t be changed

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That is not a Whonix related question and should thus be asked in the Qubes forum.

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Whonix does not mind about your host clock time zone as long as correct time is set.

correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems sdwdate-gui should be active, if one intends to suspend their whonix sessions (eg suspending the Qubes OS, instead of a full shutdown)
keep sdwdate active, but manually run it when 1st starting out of suspend mode, how often is the default time tha sdwdate re-runs itself? 2 hours? any reason to use gradual vs. instant ? :slight_smile: