Clock of the router

I was thinking that maybe I resolved all clock problem but yesterday i found this problem .
Is it a real problem or is it only my stupid thinking ?

Depends on the router. It could mess up your whole internet connectivity. Not just Tor.

I have a modem + router separately .
The router starts with personal clock, from 00:00:00 .
When I turn on the modem the router catch the modem clock .

Hovewer, in a All In One solution I think the internal router has the same clock of the internal modem, so it shouldn’t be a problem .
The only “sensible” data is the uptime in this case .
What do you think about it ?

However I customized my router configuration to prevent leaks and various attacks .

It’s certainly nice to have a secure router, but security by operating systems such as Debian, Qubes or Whonix does not assume your router to be secure.

Yes I know, on the router I’m doing my best :slight_smile: . I refered only to a clock problem :slight_smile: .
What do you think about it ?