CLI vs GUI difference

Can someone explain the difference between the CLI vs GUI.

In past times on a windows host I have used VB so I am familiar.

Now on linux host I am already running the kvm Virt Manager with windows guest isntalled. So I was going to run Whonix on kvm. I followed the instructions and ran into an issue with the qcow2 files filling up my root partition which is set at 30GB causing computer operating issues. My home partition is total 1T. My understanding is the qcow2 files must be on the root partition. I guess I can just increase the size of my root partition to make this work?

If I instead install the VB;

  • If I install the CLI will that use less ram than the GUI?
  • If I install the CLI will that CLI be just for both the Gateway and the Workstation, or is the CLI just for the Gateway and the Workstation still installs the GUI?
  • If they are both CLI format what user interface will On the CLI it the only interface I see be the actual Tor browser? I already have a Tor browser on the same machine so would that CLI install interfere with the already existing Tor? How would I run things like cryptop wallets I would need to use the just the command line version of those apps?

From the description here
Dev/VirtualBox - Whonix?

The section - “Why use VirtualBox over KVM?” - it sounds like the VB does a better job at isolating Whonix from the host? Can someone elaborate on this from a privacy perspective and tell me which install provides the least attack surface or compromise, KVM or VB?


These are sparse files and shouldn’t take too much disk space.

That however belongs to the KVM specific sub forum.

Also a task as per https://www.kicksecure.com/wiki/Free_Support_Principle why sparse files take more space on your host file system. Might be a host file system issue. A different host file system might not have this issue. Speculation.

Whonix ™ for Windows, macOS, Linux inside VirtualBox shows a quite nice comparison, see the screenshots.

It’s either a pre-installed GUI (at time of writing Xfce) or not
If not, then it’s CLI.
And in CLI only, GUI applications such as Tor Browser won’t work.
So unless a user is an advanced user who doesn’t run GUI applications or installing your own desktop environment, then Whonix CLI for VirtualBox probably isn’t the right choice.

Whonix for VirtualBox doesn’t interfere with any host Tor or host Tor Browser. It doesn’t even “know” about it.

Crypto CLI wallets should work. So should any CLI applications.

That’s rather opinion, choice based. Arguments can and have been made for either.

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