clearnet site says windows login, more anonymous?


when under whonix I log in to a website on clearnet, it states that I am logged in using a windows system. As my ISP supposedly knows I browse via Tor, can it be that it will be harder to relate my activity on clearnet like this? I do not use VPN.

I also noticed that the clearnet wbesite also keeps track of my login as a relogin with the same whonix indicated only that I logged in on a new location but with the same device. Cloning my workstation with a change of MAC adress caused a fresh login…

(I use Whonix without VPN)

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(I would never do things I want to do anonymous from my home of course, but am just curious about the implicatoins of all of this)

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As long as you are logged in, you aren’t anonymous as per: Tips on Remaining Anonymous.

Also, your ISP can only see that you use Tor, but not what you do when accessing it.

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That’s because Tor Browser pretends to be Windows 7 via its user-agent.

Don’t understand what you’re asking here.

This question is ambiguous. The “same whonix” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “same device”. Tor Browser doesn’t hide the fact that it is Tor Browser. All Tor Browsers look the same but they still look like Tor Browser. Any website that wants to can identify that you’re using Tor Browser but it should not be able to identify individual Tor Browsers (if you close and re-open the browser). With Iceweasel, a website can save cookies & fingerprints to identify your exact copy of Iceweasel.

Cloning your workstation should not change anything in terms of what the website sees. Are you not using Tor Browser?

Why not? As long as Tor or Whonix isn’t compromised, any personally identifiable information shouldn’t be visible.

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