Chinese fonts and input method


I’ve been trying several Chinese fonts and input softwares in Whonix recently.

I agree with @sat0324 that we can add droid fonts in the next version Whonix since it provides a large number of good-looking Chinese characters while take up very little system resources.

For the input method engine and input method, I recommend fcitx-rime.Rime is a famous free(as in freedom) Chinese input software. It provides a large variety of input methods, from Pinyin to Wubi.

Here’s the instruction on how to install and setup them(tested on latest Qubes-Whonix workstation only):

Install fonts-droid/安装droid字体:
sudo apt-get install fonts-droid

Install fcitx-rime/安装fcitx-rime输入法:
sudo apt-get install fcitx-rime

Restart the vm and fcitx should have already been started automatically./重启vm,fcitx已经自动启动。

Right click on the fcitx icon on the dom0, choose “Configure”, click on the “+” button, uncheck “Only Show Current Language”,choose “Rime”,click on “OK”/右键单击fcitx图标,选择Configure,按加号,取消“Only Show Current Language”,选择“Rime”,点击“OK”

Use ctrl-space to switch to Rime/使用ctrol-space切换为Rime

Use ctrl-` to switch to your favourite input method/使用ctrl- 切换输入方案

Rime doesn’t include a lot of input methods by default. In order to meet the need for most Chinese user, Whonix should include Wubi and Wuyu. And the instruction is as followed:

Install and setup Wubi:
sudo apt-get install librime-data-wubi
sudo apt-get install librime-data-wugniu

sudo cp /usr/share/rime-data/wubi86.schema.yaml ~/.config/fcitx/rime/
sudo cp /usr/share/rime-data/wugniu.schema.yaml ~/.config/fcitx/rime/

sudo ln -s /usr/share/rime-data/wubi86.dict.yaml ~/.config/fcitx/rime/
sudo ln -s /usr/share/rime-data/wugniu.dict.yaml ~/.config/fcitx/rime/

sudo nano ~/.config/fcitx/rime/default.yaml

Add these lines under schema_list:
- schema: wubi86
- schema: wugniu

Restart fcitx, Wubi and Wuyu should be ready to use now.

More input methods can be added by user and the instructions are here(Actually, I don’t know if it will change the ‘sowftware fingerprint’ in Whonix)/其他输入方式安装:


Whonix中文教程/ An introduction to Whonix in Chinese

For adding this to Whonix by default I have several inquiries. Is the following command sufficient to get all required packages installed?

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends fonts-droid fcitx-rime librime-data-wubi librime-data-wugniu

(Whonix is [and ought to] be created using --no-install-recommends. This installs fewer packages than manually installing without --no-install-recommends.)

Can you try please in a fresh Qubes Debian VM please? (Those will not differ from Whonix in this regard.) This “reduced” package list may not be sufficient and you might need to add a few more packages (which are usually just implicitly installed through the Debian Recommends: mechanism).

This did not happen to me with the “reduced” package list. But if it were to happen, it likely would be an issue.

  • In Qubes, not just Qubes-Whonix should implement this, as this would be inconsistent.
  • Qubes developers would likely reject the new default systrax icon by Whonix VMs that is only useful for sys-whonix and only for a fraction of users.

So, I am sorry to say to come up with this late, but this should be raised at the Qubes issue tracker. Then this would get sorted out for Qubes Debian, Fedora and Whonix templates or perhaps even dom0. Could you open a ticket there please?


Thanks to anonym’s help, the Chinese fonts used in Tails is as follows:


The fonts of other languages may also be found through the Tails source code.

Chinese input software used in Tails:



export GTK_IM_MODULE='ibus'
export QT_IM_MODULE='ibus'
export XMODIFIERS='@im=ibus'

The input methods of other languages in Tails can be found here: