changing Tor Browser default download folder to /home/user/Downloads

Seeing the confusion caused by the Tor Browser default download directory… ( https://forums.whonix.org/t/whonix-workstation-how-shown-in-the-downloaded-files-internet )

I was wondering if tb-updater should apply an optional (fail open) patch. Using a preferences file to set the download folder by default to /home/user/Downloads. By fail open patch I mean, should tb-updater not able to copy that file into place, it would just echo and ignore this issue. One would think this is not so hard, but…

pref("browser.download.dir", "/home/user/Downloads"); alone is not enough. Complete file for pre-configuration:


pref("browser.download.dir", "/home/user/Downloads");
pref("browser.download.folderList", 2);
pref("browser.download.importedFromSqlite", true);
pref("browser.download.useDownloadDir", true)

Without the browser.download.importedFromSqlite pref it didn’t work. And I couldn’t figure out in reasonable time what browser.download.importedFromSqlite is doing. So maybe better to leave the default download folder as bad as is.

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