Changing link letters to words e.g:- /t/ to /kvm/ & /c/ to /kvm

i can see great links nomenclature in discourse but if course if we can make it possible.

for example (1):-

can we change /t/ to /kvm/ ? it will be easiest way for referring the forum links.

also example (2):-

cant we delete /c/ and make it only /kvm ?

hope to c the answer soon.


I don’t see any obvious way to do that in Discourse, but I’ll do some digging. It may also be worthwhile to ask upstream.

/t/ stands for topic.
/c/ stands for category.

This is also that way on

You can look through other users of the discourse forum software ( if any of them changed this.

any succeed about this issue ?

Saw my previous post?

yeah , thought it would be still considering for change.

so then, the links going to be like this in this case.

Need more help here.

searched but i didnt find any , seems im the only one who suggested this? maybe…

You can ask and/or suggest on


it seems that this solution is very far away to happen so im going to work on the wiki to change the old forum links to our links.

btw fabricator has many links related to the old forum but i dunno how to fix them while they r reports instead of being a wiki. @Patrick