Change time in Workstation


I want to change the time in whonix workstation to my local correct time
I am from germany and i want if it is here 8 pm, in the workstation is 8 pm either.
But if i change my timezone by dpkg_reconfigure tzdata to Europe / Berlin in my workstation is 7 pm. i cant fix my problem.
I run Whonix in Virtualbox. My host has got the correct time 8 pm.
I know it is not recommended to do it, but i want to change the time
Can you help me?

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The time is set to UTC by timesync to prevent time zone based leaks: Post-installation Security Advice

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as system time spoofing is critical for some cases, found this solution for myself - as all time zones is by default mean one main zone + or - some value, so just picked similar region out of the list - for US works
great, anything else should be too, whoer shows 100% ^^

That’s not required and that’s discouraged. See:

Browser Tests - Whonix

thanks! what about these sites - they forced to imitate anti-fraud detectors, which mean complex of anonymise suspection tools)) so whatever paranoidal they are - they do, and those things they undercover are really cause to ban accounts, mark blacklist etc without other reason… as they can afford it))

there’s an update - after setting these zones, some later whonixcheck give me 3 warnings - so I used to get all in a place it was, so time will show, is it really sensitive to just change time to preffered zone for a working time, but there is a main question -

is whonix-workstation guest with time zone changed better or worse than windows guest or any other? I mean I worked with windows as guest VM via whonix-gateway and it was OK, so if I really need this option to be set (why it’s not deleted from workstation as for example root login if it’s as sensitive as root login?), instead of dedicated servers etc, would it be really worse then just previous experience with windows VM over whonix-gateway VM?

In general, I mean - what information changing timezone in workstation only, can dispose? tracking activity from the last workstation-VM in a chain? it’s OK, I control every activity on this working VM from its install to deletion, so if it will be exposed so there’s no care)) and anyway TOR gate will remain as safe and workstation is isolated from browser exploit attacks (AKA these pro-active java etc scripts), as only last VM in curcuit can be tracked in its activity?

I will try to explain my point of view - my question is on which point pseudonimity better then anonimity, if take a look from end point, a side that want to disclose your IP,

  1. for example you are ecologist - sniffer side exactly knows that you are hiding, you don’t need to appear ordinary, as you are not by mean - but same way each and every service on the way would see that your time zone is differ than IP - and blacklist you same anti spam-fraud-abuse system:) they will not sit with chronometer and count if you really just set this timezone by mistake…

  2. those cases when exit nodes were exempted and even their holders abused by law, just because one of connected users was real browsed abuse content - same way as above, they not tried to look up abuser IP, they almost knowed it - and if they even don’t know abuser real IP, so exit node holder already was abused instead:)

and in the middle of chain, which appears any system would it be windows or any else, there no time zone and no local IPs at all - connecting IPs have only IP - and even if has, workstation got gateway’s IP’s with UTC but no it’s own, workstation has no own IP at all -

and of course when they see TOR IP they already know you are hidding, no matter why - so just setting time zone would give more real world appearence pseudo then just looking pseudo in middle of chain?

None. Anonymity > pseudonymity. Its always much safer if there is a large group of people who emit a uniform set of identifiers. Besides knowing that you use Tor they can learn nothing more.

ok so if they know I use tor > ssh/socks + time zone = still tor, would it be worse if I use it once and after a day or week depending on demand (guess ssh/socks/vps almost not living more themself) and then this overlay with proxy + timezone dissapear forever as one of those tor’s IP and exit nodes?

and of course if you leave some fingerprints which is almost practice it will remain on each tor connect, and in case of tracking there is one fingerprint they will need, so there no difference between leaving any another fingerprint as for example browser window size canvas, machine MAC - or timezone?

I don’t think we can support this at the Whonix project. We try to make users anonymous. Making everyone using Whonix appear the same as all other Tor users.

Simulating a specific fingerprinting is going down the rabbit hole. We strongly recommend using Tor Browser. Which has a very specific fingerprinting, that is easily detected as being Tor Browser. Whatever your system time zone setting is, Tor Browser uses UTC anyhow.

And if you were to use iceweasel (firefox), you wouldn’t have any fingerprinting protection at all.

of course, using TOR browser is in conception of whonix by mean -

this question is all about using workstation as more safe and stable then just linux (which is more than enough to be save), so this flexibility option makes it fullfiel all potential needs -

as detectable user-agent is still Linux and browser’s Firefox ESR instead of TOR’s still FF:)

and there no need to add any option as it already presents, so it was just general questions about comparing etc to give more clearity to understand how to use and how not to:)