[Change identity] Windows over whonix

So I recently tried to run Windows 7 and 10 over whonix-gateway (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Other_Operating_Systems#Windows-Whonix-Workstation_.E2.84.A2) and I connect successfully.

Now, as IP of tor network are blacklisted, I would like to click a button to change the tor circuit, and hopefully login into this sites.

When you log into services in browser you usually resolve a catchap when IP is blacklisted and hopefully you can login. But there are some applications/programs that you may need to install in your windows to run this services (for example if you want to run vpn, although it is not recommended). And in this app there is no built in recatchap, instead when your IP is blacklisted you can’t access because it says error message like “Failed o connect”, but when you log in in the web browser, you may solve a catchap but then you can login.

So I would like to change tor circuit in windows-KVM as in whonix workstation when you run tor browser, you click “change identity”.

I am asking if there is a way to do this.


Hi. Services like cloudflare simply block software that does not have a specific user-agent if coming from a Tor exit IP, so solving a catpcha from Firefox will not suddenly grant access to every app coming from the exit.

Try using a VPN inside Whonix WS to evade bans

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I log in into a free VPN and then I successfully solved the problem. But for example, nordvpn do not qualify because they have cloudflare, sometimes I solve captcha in web browser and I can log in successfully.

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