Cant verify signature for whonix

hey all,

i have been at this for a few hours and cant figure out what i am doing wrong. i followed all guides step by step. i am using windows 7. I add the signing key to kleopatra and certify it. i then download the pgp signature, i sign and encrypt it, but can only choose my signing key and not the downloaded patrick signing key. If i use my own, kleopatra will verify the signature when i decrypt it, but its my sig. is this correct? Or do i need to be signing it with Patricks key? (which is wont allow me to choose)

any input is appreciated, thank you

The short answer is:
“don’t use kelopatra”. Use gpg command line.

The long answer is:
See full documentation here https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Verify_the_virtual_machine_images_using_Windows.
It says "Using Kleopatra is really cumbersome for reasons stated below. Therefore it is recommended to rather use gpg #command line. ".

Thanks for the reply, Patrick. But to use the command line dont i need linux installed? i see the instructions on the site is calling for linux only

gpg command line is available for Windows as well.

thanks Patrick, got it up and running. I have another question non related, going to make a new post

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