Can't start Tor Browser in Whonix?


Please ‘stay tuned‘, because you missed an important news:

Bug: Tor Browser Alpha rather than Tor Browser Stable being installed by Tor Browser Updater (AnonDist)

If you want to start the alpha anyhow, which is recommended against (rather get the stable), go to start menu -> File Manager -> /home/user/tor-browser_en-US -> double click ‘start-tor-browser.desktop’.

It will be fixed in Whonix 10.

Forum discussion:



Even after manually reinstalling a stable version the desktop shortcut and torbrowser command don’t open tor. Running torbrowser in bash gives the following error:
user@host:~$ torbrowser
INFO: Tor Browser language variable is set to en-US.
INFO: Starting Tor Browser…
user@host:~$ /usr/bin/torbrowser: line 302: /home/user/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser: No such file or directory

The actual file that exists is start-tor-browser.desktop, so a workaround would be to make a copy and rename the copy start-tor-browser ( I didnt rename the original so in case something is changed in the future, the original filename will still work )

This was a relief to read.

But how would one go about reinstalling the stable version?

Thank you dear Adrelanos for this Thread. It explains so much for secure yourself!

Best Regards!


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