Can't install bitmessage

Hello! I doing everything by instruction from:
Compiling instructions - Bitmessage Wiki

But after this line:

It shows:

Loading existing config files from /root/.config/PyBitmessage/
2014-09-21 11:52:12,450 - DEBUG - Database file already exists.
Could not read the Namecoin config file probably because you don’t have Namecoin installed. That’s ok; we don’t really need it. Detailed error message: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/root/.namecoin/namecoin.conf’
2014-09-21 11:52:12,529 - DEBUG - Loaded 0 objects from disk into the objectProcessorQueue.
2014-09-21 11:52:12,533 - DEBUG - reloading keys from keys.dat file
2014-09-21 11:52:12,548 - DEBUG - reloading subscriptions…
An Exception occurred within isOurOperatingSystemLimitedToHavingVeryFewHalfOpenConnections: invalid version number ‘#1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u3’
2014-09-21 11:52:13,314 - ERROR - Could not find any typelib for MessagingMenu
No protocol specified cannot connect to X server :0

What is the reason of the problem can be?

Don’t start gui applications as root. If you must, use gksudo or in Whonix (KDE), use kdesudo. I haven’t used bitmessage, but I guess there is no reason to start it as root. So start it as user and that error should go away.

Thahks! I tried:
kdesudo ~/PyBitmessage/src/

Now it shows:
No protocol specified
kdesudo: cannot connect to X server :0

You are still logged in as root?

When you type

I guess it shows “root”. But it must show for example “user”.

And as I said, you most likely don’t need gksu / kdesudo. Not just you most likely you don’t need it, you most likely shouldn’t use it for this purpose.