Can't install BitMessage following the Wiki [SOLVED with AppImage until another option]

Hi again,
As I am doing a fresh install of Whonix 16.
I am stuck following the Wiki

and getting that error message


package python-msgpack
package python-qt4

gives me

And why do I get ?

many thanks for supporting me as I am totally lost.

Any idea on how to solve that issue @Patrick ?
Your time would be very appreciated.

Wiki updated but untested.

Upstream hasn’t updated instructions for Debian bullseye yet. Unspecific to Whonix.

If it doesn’t work, please consider contacting upstream, asking about Debian bullseye. Related to:

Ok, thank you for your anwser @Patrick .
I opened an issue on GitHub, let’s see if I get some help there.
Will update here accordingly.
Best regards.

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Update : I kindly got an answer from Member Peter Surda and he proposed me an AppImage that works perfectly.

So this would be the alternative for now I guess.

Additional question : Is there a command line or many so I can delete the packages dependencies that are not useful after having run the Wiki procedure? I just want a clean system as it is brand new :wink:

 sudo apt-get install python openssl libssl-dev git python-msgpack python-qt4

 git clone $HOME/PyBitmessage

Thanks for teaching me.

Same as Debian. Information Booster might be Available! applies.

sudo apt get purge pkg-name pkg-name2 ...

Ok thank you @Patrick, I’ll have a try without destoying my new Whonix 16 :cold_sweat: