Can't edit section of Kicksecure™ wiki

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I’m trying to edit the “Install Kicksecure ™ inside Debian” page but if I click either the edit button on the “Prerequisites” section or the main edit button in the Actions menu I can only see this text:

= Prerequisites =

{{kicksecure Prerequisites}}

How would I go about editing the actual instructions? Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search the forum before posting but I may have missed it.

As an aside the only change I want to make is to change the su command suggestion to su -, which would ensure that the /sbin directories are added to PATH correctly.

See the Debian bug report #833256 for more on this.

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You’d need to click edit for the whole page from the top menu. Not just edit a section. Actions → Edit

Then you’ll see at the bottom of the page:

Templates used on this page:

Alternativly also possible to “guess” that link. I.e.

{{kicksecure Prerequisites}}

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Fantastic, thanks. I’ve made the change, hopefully without wrecking anything else.

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Yes, perfect. Thank you. Great simplification.

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