Can't connect to Whonix 15 gateway with Android x86

I’m trying to connect Android x86 using Whonix Gateway I followed this : wiki/Other_Operating_Systems#Whonix_.E2.84.A2-Android-Workstation
but eth0 doesn’t exist I tried different network “wlan0” and “wifi_eth” but neither of them got an IP. I managed to get an IP using both and “up” at the end of ifconfig wlan0 netmask but no internet connection after that.

I also tried Android 7.1 and 9 both have the same issue.

Sorry for the late reply.

A couple of years ago I had the same problem. I don’t really remember the Android version.

The problem ended being Android not being able to set a static IP.

The workaround was to run a DHCP server on Whonix Gateway and let it autoconfigure the Android Workstation with the custom IP address.

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