Cannot access onion sites


I’ve got anothet problem with Whonix-Workstation.
So I’ve tried to configure this type of tunneling: Tor -> VPN.
On WW I configured openvpn client, changed in /etc/resolv.conf nameserver to DNS server of my VPN provider, connected to VPN and after that started tor with transproxy:
TOR_TRANSPROXY=1 torbrowser
Everything is ok.
After that I’ve disbled openvpn connection, and put
nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf
and started Tor Browser as usual. I’m connected to TOR, according to check.torproject but I can’t connect to .onion sites now. I get "Problem loading page’ error.
What I’ve did wrong?


user -> Tor -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> internet breaks Tor onion service connectivity. No way around that. This is because in order to talk to onion, traffic must be sent through Tor. But in user -> Tor -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> internet case, only the VPN talks to Tor. Browser is talking to the VPN, which is incapable to speak onion.

You don’t understand.
For the first time, I use tunneling.
user -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet
But then I disabled openvpn, so there was
user -> Tor -> internet
and I was connected to Tor, but had no possibility to connect to .onion sites.

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Did you try restarting or reloading the connection via the Gateway?

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As explained under Tor Browser Essentials under Undo, this cannot be easily undone. So you’d also have to start with a fresh Tor Browser. Use Tor Browser Essentials

Or easiest… If you messed up some setting… Why not just start with a fresh Whonix-Workstation.

I’ve just reinstalled TorBrowser and everything is OK.
I installed another Tor Browser. So I use one as normal TB, and another with transproxy option.

Thank you for help anyway :slight_smile:

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