Can VPN only be done with Whonix?

Hi, I saw that Whonix is based on KickSecure and likely has a few extras than KickSecure, so I figured why not clone the Whonix VMs to use them like an even better version of KickSecure?

In doing so I would like to know is it possible to disable TOR in my Whonix VM and gateway to then replace it with a VPN that if the connection gets interrupted it keeps the same safety kill switch “on” as it did with TOR connections so to deny net access if triggered?

In other words, how would I swap out TOR for a VPN only Whonix connection?


It’s too difficult. You won’t be able to do that.

If you need to ask then highly unlikely you would figure it out.

Theoretically It’s possible but you would need to pay someone to develop that.

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So Whonix is FOSS yet if you are a user who requires documentation to implement a needed user feature for a use-case or Threat Model then said user is expected to pay, I see.

Right so, all my money (over $100K USD) was stolen and that is the only reason why I am here seeking protection but I guess privacy and security is only given to the rich. Good to know other careers that have low pay while providing public good for free to the world like journalism will have to stick to Tails if Whonix only has "for pay documentation " How To instructions or forces IT people to “learn” before using this.

Very insightful revelation here thank you

So what?

FOSS is unrelated to payments.

Last time I checked, Whonix was free. You get free stuff. But now you’re like you must give me moar free stuff.

Now you come here asking for a gigantic modification that requires days of work by skilled professionals.

Why do you assume that anyone (who?) is required to do this modification for you?

Do you think modification of Tor Browser to work eith VPN called Mullvad Browser happened for free?

Pointless comparison?

You think Tails is going to provide you with modification to use Tails without Tor and instead with VPN? Lol. Good luck.

They already have.

BTW I am asking for links to documentation to How To guides — I never asked for a dev to do a custom mod

Tails FAQ tells the opposite at Tails - Frequently asked questions.

Does not exist. And I can almost guarantee nobody is going to create it either. It’s too much work.

Documentation would be crazy long. Makes little sense without a script or mod.

I will see if anyone else has anything different to say as I don’t trust you as a source and you aren’t even from the team as far as I know so you do not represent Whonix in any way


Community Feedback applies.

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