Can not install .deb files

I have installed Whonix in VirtualBox, and am setting everything up. There is a package I can’t find in apt that I want to install. I went to their official site, downloaded the .deb, but when i try to install it using GDebi it doesn’t do anything. Please help. I already googled and found some posts here about installing .deb files… I read through the links but still could not figure it out. So, please consider before replying! Sorry if this is dumb. Thank you.

Unspecific to Whonix.

Needs to be resolved as per:

What are you having trouble with exactly? I just set up Whonix 17 today, and I’ve already installed a third party deb package. Simply open the terminal in the directory you saved the deb file to, and run sudo apt install ./[package name], with [package name] being the name of your deb package, obviously.

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