Can I use OnionShare 2.4 in VirtualBox environment(Whonix-XFCE-

When I downloaded OnionShare as a guide from the Whonix wiki, the version of OnionShare is 2.2. The 2.2 version does not include the Chat function, so I want to install and use the 2.4 version, is there a way?

If installing (and digital software verification) from source code perhaps.


Not sure it was documented that way before. Maybe it’s still in the wiki history if it was.

//cc @torjunkie

For flatpak instructions (v2.4), see: Dev/OnionShare - Whonix

It is also possible to install using snap, or from the command line (make sure to verify PGP signature if using the command line):


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OnionShare - Whonix mentions:

Quite likely having similar issues.

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