Building Qubes-Whonix-Workstation

I’m looking to build custom Qubes-Whonix-Workstation tempates, I looked around and found appropriate instructions for non-Qubes-Whonix.

I want to add/remove packages, settings, do whatever essentially and am happy to figure that out mostly on my own.

Is it possible to build it within a Qubes-Whonix-Workstation and then test?

Are there wiki pages for this that I’m missing?

Any information is appreciated.

This is mostly a question about Qubes builder.
This question is mostly unspecific to Qubes-Whonix.

The Qubes-Whonix specific template build source code is minimal. This “1%” of source code, probably not your issue. The other “99%” is Qubes builder source code.

In other words, knowledge on how to do that without Whonix, how to modify the Qubes Debian template is prerequisite knowledge.

The only realistic way to learn how to do this is to remove the Whonix specific part form your question. If you can figure out how to do that using the Qubes Debian template, then you could apply the same technique to Qubes-Whonix templates.

It’s certainly possible. It’s 100% Open Source. But it’s also non-trivial. Requires the ability to work with huge, complex build scripts, code bases.

The probably non-existing documentation is a Qubes issue. Not a Whonix issue.

What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not. applies.


Thank you for the information and good advice.