Building fails untracked files packages/kicksecure-network-conf

I am trying to build some custom whonix images, but it always hangs with untracked files in packages/kicksecure-network-conf.

I am doing

git clone --jobs=4 --recursive
git checkout

The only thing I can get do to get the build to work without hanging asking for input is

rm -fr packages/kicksecure-network-conf/

Any suggestions on how to avoid untracked files that have been added after a specific tag when building?

That is ok.

git clone a specific git tag.

Add untracked files then reset the repo to the tag you need to get rid of this message. Git status should say there’s nothing to commit.

git add --all

git reset --hard HEAD

git status
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I don’t think the following git reset --hard HEAD requires a prior git add --all?
Also not sure if there is any security risk in adding any extraneous files. These extraneous files aren’t covered by gpg verification.

I have difficulties documenting this since that command could potentially wipe out any modifications that a user might have made in the source folder.

Following these commands I am getting:

warning: unable to rmdir ‘packages/kicksecure-network-conf’: Directory not empty
HEAD is now at f73bb0e4

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IIUC you aren’t actually using any of the extra non-signed code since you are reverting to the HEADstate which follows a signed tag.

Also acording to this thread using git reset --hard will not remove untracked files, where as git-clean will remove any files from the tracked root directory that are not under Git tracking. Remove means delete in this case?

Now fixed by adding parameter --recurse-submodules to git checkout. Example:

git checkout --recurse-submodules

Documentation updated. That keeps care of removing extraneous (newer) submodules/packages as well as checking out the right commit of the submoduels (it is “kinda” (?) doing git submodule update).

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I stand corected, the --hard option discards changes while soft doesn’t, but I won’t need either now.

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Those are the fastest and best forum responses I have received anywhere. Thank you so much.

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