bug: Tor Browser missing in DispVM / Tor Browser missing in whonix-ws-14 TemplateVM

/var/cache/tb-binary/.cache/tb/ folder is empty.

Something with this cleanup code code be wrong.

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Run in whonix-ws-14 TemplateVM.
(Do NOT run in whonix-ws-14-dvm DVM Template.)


This workaround however is not an explanation / solution for the empty /var/cache/tb-binary/.cache/tb/ folder, so some unidentified bug is at work here.

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Bug identified most likely.

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Fix landed in Whonix 14 testers repository.


  • for users who are affected by this bug: will only take effect when tb-updater/tbb_hardcoded_version at master · Kicksecure/tb-updater · GitHub gets updated the next time, i.e. after a new TBB version gets released. So meanwhile please use update-torbrowser in whonix-ws-14 TemplateVM
  • for users who reinstall and get the upgrade before this bug happens, these will not be affacted (although this is no reason at all for reinstallation)