Browser addon that gives non-tor exit IP?

Since some sites just can’t be accessed from TOR ips and adding a VPN on top of tor has some disadvantages. I figured best option would be to have browser addon that gives clearnet IP and that browser profile will be used only when needed. Makes sense right?

What would be appropriate if possible open source firefox addons that you would use for that?

Basically it’s an addon that allows you to use proxy or whatever on top of tor.

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sorry but where would such an addon get the “non-tor IP” from? Proxies, etc. have the same disadvantages that VPNs have and even some additional ones. VPN is the best solution for what you’d like to do, despites its shortcomings.

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I don’t think there can be a magic shortcut. It has to remain a manual complicated process. Otherwise if too many people are using solutions that work that easy - then it’s similar to Tor - and will get similarly banned. Back to root one. This is already happening with many [free] VPN services that work over Tor. Banned by destination webservers.

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The following also applies:

Where is the disadvantage of having proxy on top of tor if the sites you visit with it would block you if you were just with tor?

I would love to use VPN on a browser level, but is there such solution?
VPN provider with firefox addon? Open source one?

Yes, another option is that it is paid service. Then being over used problem is eliminated.


To my knowledge VPN works on system level. Haven’t seen as browser add-on.

Open-source FoxyProxy add-on provides a convenient UI for managing proxies that you have access to. Profiles are supported. The company also sells paid proxy subscriptions. You can find free proxies out there too of varying (ie bad) reliability.

OpenVPN is Layer 2 or 3 so would be system-wide. If you use Whonix Workstation and are mindful of maintaining Stream Isolation, virtually the only traffic going to the VPN will be your browser traffic. (Why: Prevent Bypassing the Tunnel-Link)

You can try free 3-hr trial on Mullvad.net. (Anonymous trial, good performance, privacy-oriented - so they say). Remember to use Iceweasel. (Didn’t use to work with Tor Browser, maybe that’s changed.)

If you really need to be sure that nothing will pass to the VPN be tunneled except browser traffic, then you could set up an SSH tunnel to serve as a socks proxy. More secure than using a socks proxy outright, but more hassle to set up.

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