Bringing Steganography to Whonix

With all these crazy anti-encryption efforts, it might be wise to start bundling standard tools to be prepared. It might also help people in bad countries right now.
However, I don’t know enough about the subject to do it myself. Much more this could be the impulse to consult about suitable tools (simple, lightweight cli).

Steganography files are fingerprintable on the network and won’t really escape deep packet inspection classifiers. You can’t really trick a permanent global adversary who stores all the data and searches in retroactive policing efforts.

Only crypto will work and even then there’s no hiding its usage. You need a big group of users with diverse needs making use of it to blend in.

There is a minimal baseline of freedom needed for crypto to exist in a society. Outlawing internationally however may be impossible and that’s good.

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Is this different by using new pictures for every message (never stored in a database)?

I haven’t seen the implementation you are describing and I’m making an educated guess.

While the pics can be different, there has to be some constant pattern kept the same for the other end to recognize and decrypt the format. This can be fingerprinted. Hiding in plain sight is not possible against some adversaries. You should use strong crypto and not really worry about them seeing it because they will.

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The idea was to hide the cryptography inside the steganography. The mostly used F5 algorithm is some years old. Is there something new/better in academic research?